In the beginning…

My first post! Wow!

I guess I should start with the why. Well, like many bloggers people, I think my life is important and unique enough that other people would want to read it. I’m gay and Zimbabwean and living within the borders of this amazing country. I have traveled the world and lived in other countries (more on that later) but as Dorothy said “there’s no place like home.” And so I’m back in Zimbabwe trying to eke out a life for myself.

Contrary to popular opinion, Zimbabwe is not a violent country. Don’t get me wrong, there are human rights abuses that include torture and arbitrary arrest, but on the whole life here is peaceful. You won’t hear of or see gay bashings. Correction, I’ve never heard of or seen gay bashings. That doesn’t mean that life isn’t difficult and lived mostly on down low. It is a way of life here. My family and friends have known for years that I was I gay and I have a boyfriend (more on him later). We go out together, but you’ll never catch us in public displays of affection. There are certain bars and clubs that have become gay hangouts but you wouldn’t catch them advertising as such.

That is the background from which my confessions and musings shall spring. They may come as fast bursts or slow trickles, but hopefully they will show the world what it is like to be gay and living in Zimbabwe.